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The revolutionary SpoofCard allows you to protect your privacy by giving you the ability to change how your phone number will appear on the receiving parties Caller ID. Simply call the toll-free number, enter your secret PIN as provided, and follow the prompts.  You will have the ability to substitute your phone number with any phone number you choose.  Plus you can even change your voice to a male or female and record the call if you choose.  Disguise your phone number anytime you choose.   Privacy is yours today!


MySpoofCard can change your caller id, create prank calls, funny calls, funny prank calls, change your voice, fake your voice, which allows you to stay unknown, spoof your voice, or spoofvoice, have mobile invisibility through all phones.  This is great for anyone including private investigators. Great for skip tracing and call recording.


MySpoofCard is a great voice changer... that's right, you can change your voice and your caller id. Yes, you can fake your caller id with the click of a mouse! You can also add background noise to disguise your location.


MySpoofCard out performs telespoof, camophone, star38, spooftel, piphone, spoofcom, and spooftech.


Start spoofing today and protect your privacy!


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